10 Unknown facts to know about Lilies flowers

Considered the symbol of simplicity and purity, coming with a wide range of colors and shapes, lily flower is nothing but one of the most beautiful in the world. That’s why this flower is preferred by so many people. If you love the beauty of lilies, don’t miss this article since there are great facts about lilies awaiting you to explore right below here.

  • Lilies are found in many countries including the United States, India, Canada, Australia, Japan and most countries in Europe. In fact, lilies are the most common flowers found all over Europe.
  • All white lilies are scented while the colored varieties are not with the exception of the tiger lily, which is famous for its sweet scent.
  • While most lilies are grown for their flowers, there are some species that are grown for their prized edible bulbs.
  • Lilies are used to symbolize a lot of things in different parts of the world. They are considered a holy flower in Assyrian civilization while Chinese Feng Shui associates them to abundance and good luck.
  • Different types of lilies also come with different meanings. White lilies symbolize purity as well as virginity while day lilies mean flirtation. Tiger lilies mean wealth and royalty while the lily of the valley indicates sweetness.
  • These flowers have very long vase life and if you want to make them stay longer, you can remove the pollen found in the flower.
  • Tiger lilies are considered as the most flamboyant lilies that you can plant in the garden. They are called such because they have large, wide and bright flowers.
  • Lilies contain compounds that are used in medicines that treat depression and anxiety. In fact, many civilizations have used lilies to treat different types of maladies.
  • Sweet-smelling they might be, but lilies are highly toxic to cats. You should avoid planting this flower in your garden if you are a cat-lover.
  • While lilies are abundant, they belong to the world’s top 10 most popular flower in the world. Thus, it is really common to see lilies in bouquets and centerpieces.

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