Angel of Justice: Peppermint – A simple action movie

Pierre Morel debuted in the movie Angel of Justice: Peppermint (Peppermint) can be seen as the female version of Taken hit the year. The film revolves around the revenge of Riley North (Jennifer Garner) – wife and poor mother accidentally lost her husband and children right on her birthday. Miserable, the bad guys have bribed the lawyer, the judge and cleared off in front of Riley. Riley hides, plans to avenge her for five years and ends up dating her daughter.


At a time when feminism was at stake, Hollywood wanted to re-use the old plot, a poor mother was the right choice. In terms of content, Angel Gong Justice: Peppermint has an old story but still overpowered the audience. Besides, with violent action elements, bloody and intense shootings, the film easily captures the audience with the entertainment needs, although not need more humor. If you are not a hard-headed audience, do not put too high a requirement on watching a movie, Angel of Justice: Peppermint may be a bad choice. On the other hand, if you do not want to go to the cinema and take the bump, read the following.

First to mention the title film, rare to see the title of Vietnamese movies better than the original title. Name of Angel of Justice: Peppermint is perfectly suited to refer to the female lead Riley North when just claiming justice for the family, while reducing the crime rate in the homeless by breaking hands in the face of injustice. . In particular, she is the angel of the children obediently but unfortunately entangled in a miserable life. Peppermint’s original title simply refers to … the cream that Carly North’s daughter chose on her birthday.


Keeping up the content, when acting is the first and most important element to attract the audience to the theater, but according to the writer, Angel Li Gong: Peppermint does not bring sense of hype or nervous, tension Watching Riley North get revenge for the family. The double-fists, using heavy weapons that seem to be formidable, powerful but no difference to help create a highlight in today’s action film forest. Even so, many of the audience segments can be caught in any movie, which leads to unexpected, dramatic and dramatic episodes.

Furthermore, the fact that the female lead is so powerful, invincible as the superhero makes it easy for the viewer to feel that her revenge process is too simple, almost without difficulty, or if there is, Riley also managed to escape the body in the blink of an eye. Know that good will win over evil, justice will be executed, nuclear disaster is prevented, but at least, let the viewer feel choking when watching each frame.


As mentioned above Angel of Justice: Peppermint has a charismatic content but the implementation difficult to conquer the hard audience. In addition to the main action scenes with crime syndrome, the remaining episodes are bland and even superfluous. Agreed that the police in the film only has a role to play in the background, deadlocked before the steps of the female lead, so why not cut the conversation, their bland jokes and focus on the tossing of Riley? At least one factor should be taken care of, instead of the whole movie.

Besides, trying to squeeze a hand character in half to create plot twist is not enough convincing. After all, the scriptwriter wants the audience to understand the police character is twist in any direction? He is actually a metaphorical police, the Wanderer right from the start, they find the identity of Riley but wearing false pretense or the opposite, according to the gang to help character Riley? Both are completely inappropriate to reflect on the whole context of the film.

In addition, the film has a lot of extremely nasty particles. The protagonist Riley spent five years traveling the world, training herself as a professional assassin, though she disappeared without a hand in hand. Instead of deploying extra characters, the scriptwriter should show the audience more about that time of training. And most of all, a wanted woman, carrying heavy weapons around the city, faces up to the public camera without any police or gangster apprehensions?


Undeniably Jennifer Garner’s role as Riley North, the painful expression of an unfortunate mother watching her husband die before or the criminals gloat when acquainted more or less emotional . However, because of the focus on the female lead and the vengeful journey that the Angel of Justice: Peppermint forgot to build the remaining characters and the main villain could not hold anything in the minds of viewers except the swearing words.

One of the most important is the Angel of Justice: Peppermint lacks a message to leave. As a vengeful movie for the family, seeking justice but ultimately the film wants to convey the message in addition to killing and torture. Riley North’s actions can be publicized in the film and many supporters, in her eyes she may be the hero but whether she faces the law or not? Revenge is over, Riley is still alive and continues to escape, so what will she do? An angel of justice or a dying citizen? Riley’s action to free the sheriff can make many people happy, but in the eyes of writers, the script was too teary when the post was difficult and ultimately not solve anything.

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