Burrowing owl (burrowing owl) are named so because they live underground in burrows were dug by small mammals like ground squirrels and prairie dogs. They are covered in fur with brown spots and long legs. They also sport especially white “eyebrows” over bright yellow eyes. They are one of the smallest owls in North America. burrowing-owl-1-of-1 Diet burrowing owls eat small animal fun facts like moles and mice during the late spring and early summer. Then they switch to insects, especially grasshoppers and beetles. Burrowing owls are also known to eat birds, amphibians and reptiles. Population funny random facts burrowing owl population estimates are currently not known, but data trends show a significant decline in their range. Most recent official estimates put them at less than 10,000 breeding pairs. Limit burrowing owl is distributed from the Mississippi to the Pacific and the Canadian prairie provinces in South America. They are also found in Florida and the Caribbean Islands. burrowing owl has disappeared from much of their historical range. Behavior Unlike other owls, burrowing owls are active during the day, especially in the spring when they gather food for their offspring’s big. Owls prefer open areas with low ground cover. They can usually be found parked near their cave on the fence posts and trees. burrowing owl makes a shaky giggle or call babbles. They also started to bob expressed excitement or distress. Burrowing owls often nest in large colonies of about 100 yards apart. During nesting season, burrowing owls will collect a wide range of materials to line the nest, some of which are left around the entrance to the cave. The most common material is solution mammals, usually from cattle. At one time it was wrong to think that fertilizer helps to mask the smell of the juvenile owls, but researchers believe the stool helps control microclimate inside the cave and to attract insects, owls can eat.

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