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  • Bellflowers are perennial, sun-loving flowers that are native to the Northern Hemisphere. These multi-shaped flowers are often referred to as bluebells for their bluish color variations. Still, these flowers range in colors from bluish-lavender to white.

Bell flower facts

  • There are more than 300 species of bellflowers. Unlike most bellflowers, the lactiflora, latifolia and takesimana bellflowers grow well in partial shade and moist soils.
  • Bellflowers are grown from seeds and can be started indoors or outdoors. If starting indoors, plant them in spring when the soil becomes warm.
  • Bellflower blooms begin to appear in early to mid summer. The blooms last until the first frosts of fall.
  • Most bellflowers have strong winter hardiness and require little winter protection. A simple mulching will provide ample shelter.
  • Bellflowers grow in a wide array of shapes that include the common upright, bell-shaped flower, the cup flower, bowl flower, tubular flower and the star-shaped flower.

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