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The Devil Run (original title: The Tokoloshe) is a South African film about Busi – a poor female laborer who struggles to earn money every single day. In order to have money for life as well as care for his sister in the countryside, Bisu was forced to work nights, cleaned up in an endless and ruined hospital, and was mercilessly trampled on by the boss.


After a routine shift, Busi discovers a girl in the hospital is in a panic state for fear of something threatening. Despite the danger, Busi led the girl home and since the obsession about the past more and more heavy young girl sleepless night because the nightmare dragged on.


Do not know because of cultural differences or stars that the film is not very attractive, not only see it, but his friend, he correspondent of a famous electronic newspaper with two sisters sitting next to see. The film is quite boring, bland. Actually, an audience going to this movie will not understand what the message conveyed. The audience just need to see the title of Vietnamese culture is “Evil Run” will almost immediately associate the devil, but actually this film does not have these factors, it is all just man-made. only. The title of the film can use some more meaningful phrases for film content, such as: Secret in the Hospital, Crime Hospital, Hidden Crypt, Child Prison, Secret Place Hospital, Lao Courage, Critique, Fire and Light, Light Oil, Darkness, Off Light, Power Outage.

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