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End Game, the perfect title for Avengers 4

movie365 – Marvel has not announced the official name of the Avengers 4, but many viewers have confirmed that the title will be “End Game”. To this day, the studio remains silent about the title because it is directly related to the content of the Avengers 4. And they also want fans to focus more […]

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5 secrets you may not know about the beautiful Black Widow

The stories of Black Widow in both comic and movies always bring interesting and complex. The following are the mysteries of the Black Widow that many of us have not known yet. 1. Kill the family of Hawkeye In Ultimate Marvel Comics Universe Earth 1610, Black Widow is a villain, cruel, violent but equally charming. […]

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Hollywood’s only female star has two $ 2 billion

“Avengers: Infinity War” is the second film to gross $ 2 billion from Zoe Saldana (Gamora). Gamora and the way the Marvel Universe was plagued with her Chris Pratt defends “infidelity” action in “Infinity War” watch swiss army man online free Zoe Saldana is the only female Hollywood star to have two movies in a […]

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Gamora and the way the Marvel Universe was plagued with her

Gamora is one of the favorite alien heroes of comic book comic Marvel. Female assassin cold, bloody with a warm heart – a great model for any guy who likes strong female models. Thanos’s adopted daughter was portrayed as a formidable and brave woman (MCU’s “most notorious” galactic “woman”), emotionless in love, and still willing […]

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Chris Pratt defends “infidelity” action in “Infinity War”

The actor of “Infinity War” has a few words to talk about the action of his character played indirectly causing half the universe “eat onions.” Perhaps we still have not forgotten the indirect behavior of “squeezing the team” of Star-Lord in Avengers: Infinity War (Avengers). When the plan was boring and everything went as planned: […]

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Deadpool 2 – Funny, muddy, bold and excelent than the first

Infinity War has just cooled down a bit more then another fever came – Deadpoool 2. After a fierce PR campaign, full of humor and creativity, Deadpool 2 was finally released. and do not mind the expectations of the fans. The film brings viewers all that the production team has PR – comedy, misfit, hygienic […]

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