Review of A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born tells the opposite of the music of a couple who love each other through the ecstatic melodies of love. No one will ever know what’s going to happen, especially in the entertainment world, and this movie will bring you emotional moments until the end.


A Star Is Born revolves around the love story between Jackson Maine (Bradley Copper) and young girl Ally (Lady Gaga) – who is capable of singing but is afraid to show his voice in front of the crowd. Starting with small shows at bars, then becoming a name known to millions of fans, Ally’s talent and career progresses in a better way thanks to the help of people. love. Both of them have romantic moments, burning in harmony with love. But when Ally’s singing career reached its peak, few expected that after the glory it was Jackson musicians are dying, no one remembered, the show is no longer salty but in the light to invite him again. It is because of this that the husband and wife that day has become cold, quarrelsome.

The film clearly depicts the opposition of both the careers and psychology of the two main characters. While Ally was gradually less shy, becoming more famous, with dense schedules and huge bonfires, Jackson was fading like a faded petal before the wind. Audience will see the most contrast when Ally stepped onto the stage to receive a Grammy award, while her husband Jackson was pretending to be under the podium as a lifeless body. Emotions, music and romantic lyrics blend in, creating an extremely attractive film.


The movie is not good and is much better when compared to her co-starring actress Bradley Copper. Whenever you look at Jackson’s face, you will easily recognize and sympathize with the pain and torment in his heart that Bradley Copper has played very well.

At the time of writing, A Star Is Born received 8.6 out of 10 on IMDb, while Rotten Tomatoes also confirmed the film’s quality by having 95% of critics claim the film was “fresh” , Metacritic also did not hesitate to give the number 87/100 for the film that Lady Gaga participated in the show. However, in the movie that Khen Film viewers have some of the audience has gone in midway, maybe because the film slightly cocoon view? Praise Movies to invite you to leave review at the group for us to exchange more.

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