Review The Predator – Blood and Violence

If you’re looking for a bloody action movie, violence but no less attractive, then it’s the Predator. The 8-year-old uncontrolled Predatio follows the sequel to the sequel to the sequel to the alien-style monster, which has both action and breath-taking action.


In the review of the movie Monsters Unseen, the cinema limited to reveal the details in the movie so you can rest assured reading review and the cinema enjoy the full movie.

In the premiere of the 2018 Predator episode, the movie was screened in 1987, 1990, and 2010. Predator. The predator seems to be a 1980s movie icon with three elements in it: muscular stars, utterly crazy acts and violent bloodshed.


If you have not seen the previous part, you will still be 100% content to understand because this film has no continuity content from the previous episode.

Inaudible 2018 movie begins when a boy (Jacob Tremblay) accidentally activates a signaling device that makes predators invisible predators landed on Earth for hunting. After many years of warfare, Predator beasts combine dominant DNA of many species to make them stronger, smarter and extremely dangerous. Predator’s landing causes the Earth to fall into the trap of forcing people to stand up.

As for the scenario, the Unseen Predator prequels the good in the previous parts with leading the story and many suffocating circumstances. However, with the shadow of the previous big parts, this movie seems a bit drowsy. in content creation. Director Shane Black tries to show a foresight to let the film elicit a lot of big questions: the premise for the next movie, but with the risk of bombs like this, according to the.


The film is not too horrible to scare the audience, the film content is a mixture of bloody action and a little funny humor (like Thor Rangnarok film, not a good film). The beginning of the film is fascinating story, but the end is more drowning. Since the last half of the film, the storyline was pushed very fast, directed as if to put all the end of the end should be very long in about 45 minutes.

20th Century Fox is quite cost-effective when it comes to choosing a cast for a 30-year-old movie without a box-office star. It will save money for making films. Except for the big holes in the cast, the casts are fairly uniform. Dr. Casey Bracket, played by Olivia Munn, is a bold, yet powerful, brave hero who can be seen as the highlight of the cast.

For visuals and effects. The final battle is at an acceptable level, but the action packed ICG skill but bring a very real effect. Especially the army of Earth fight with the monsters are very glamorous. Compared with the old predator is wearing a mask on the play with the ICG techniques as today’s monster look much more, not to mention the extreme image of Mega-predator giant.

At the end of the movie there are many openings if the good movie sales will definitely be second.
In the end, the Predator has an acceptable content, following the style of bloody action movies of the previous series, but because of the shadow it was so big that it seemed a bit drowsy. Movies have good effects on the action label. If you want to enjoy a weekend action movie, the Predator is the right choice.

Rated 6.5 / 10

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