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The Meg is the latest shark movie to be released, followed by classic films such as Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, Sharknado, … and a series of films on the same subject. other. If you search on google for the movie about the flesh-eating aquatic animals, there will be dozens of names appearing enough to show us that sharks are not something new to them. Hollywood filmmakers. The thought of the shark prehistoric Megalodon will bring a new breeze, but finally the viewer realized it was just a bigger shark, and seems bigger does not mean it will be worth it. more afraid.

Megalodon not interested in meat very well (Photo: IMDb)

The content of the Super Shark God still follows the old way of the movie themes for the monster. A group of scientists who study a certain place, discover a whole new world, be attacked by a strange creature and eventually stop the creature from causing danger to the world. And when humanity can not stop it by itself, it seems that we always get help from another natural force. However, in the film, only human self against the shark nearly 20 meters long that it is to eat us swallows. However, it seems that the prehistoric shark does not seem to really enjoy human flesh.

Do not worry because there are not many dead in the movie and PG-13 only. Shredder Shark seems to have missed the chance of a massacre, a feast for our newly awakened shark. The reason is probably because the movie is more about Jason Staham’s action than the horror elements coming from a shark with the force of a blow that could amount to 180,000 newtons. This has led director Jon Turteltaub to lose sight of the fear and instead of worrying, panicking in a world where you seem to be eaten by a giant shark anytime. , the characters in the film are happy and do not be afraid to sacrifice themselves must. Viewers can float in the middle of the sea without worrying about being bitten because of the type that will be saved by Jason Staham or Li Bingbing.

(Photo: IMDB)

At the beginning of the film, we were introduced to the Mana One Research Center in the ocean by Dr. Zhang (Winston Chao) along with his research team, including his daughter Suyin (Li Bingbing). The world at the depth of over ten thousand meters in the Pacific Ocean was initially impressive, with the colorful and exotic images of the creatures that existed here, but unfortunately it was no longer there. to be exploited. Filmmakers can take advantage of this world to introduce other prehistoric creatures and to Meg to confront a giant creature such as if they want to make a sequel.

The protagonist Jonas Taylor (Jason Staham) also appears at the first scene and his story is probably the highlight of the film. Jason himself was excellent in water action, but his own fighting with the shark made the writer unable to relate him to The Rock in action films. here. Maybe because both of them have a bald head, and both are invincible against the giant beasts or the tallest building in the world.

The relationship between Jason and Bing Bing in the movie is not very attractive, partly because of the character of Bingbing is not well built and psychological development of the character is always causing viewers to wonder why. she acted like that. The dialogue of Suyin, as well as some other characters, is not well elaborated and, along with being a foreigner, the bingbing lines seem unnatural and unnatural. The point of commendation is the relationship between Suyin and Meiying, as well as between the girl and the character Jason is very cute, all thanks to the lovely and shrewd young actor Shuya Sophia Cai. But mentioning her daughter Meiying, the writer recognized the laughter of the scriptwriter for why she put a new girl on the ship when the risk of being attacked by the shark at the end of the film. To Is Suyin interested only in stopping the shark without worrying about the safety of her daughter?

Research Station Mana One in the Pacific Ocean (Photo: IMDb)

The sub-character line of the movie is crowded but the details worth paying attention to are only counted on the fingers. There is a segment about the death of a character that the filmmaker wants to touch upon the audience but seems to fail because the cause of death is not really convincing and the construction of the details leads to That death is rather sketchy. The end of the movie also disappointed viewers because the plot twist is easy to guess and the audience can not see why Megalodon is nicknamed the greatest and greatest hunter of history when it is too “gentle” and do not use all the “food resources” presented in front of it

There is a message that the film has succeeded in conveying to the audience that there are things we humans should not encroach on. We give ourselves the power to exploit and explore nature, but sometimes we go beyond the permissible limits and that is when nature will respond, specifically here is a shark Giant weighs nearly tens of tons. It’s not a new message because it has appeared in recent monster films like Godzilla or Kong, but the way this film transmits is very natural and easy to understand.

Lovely girl Meiying (Image: IMDb)

Very rarely have a series of films that are after or better than the last, but the last 49 days have done excellent.

Superhero Shark is not an excellent film, which can be said to be bad compared to other horror films and sharks, but if you want to have a good time Outside the theater, this movie is not a bad choice too.

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