What superheroes can appear in Spider-Man: Far From Home

New movie Spider-Man: Far From Home has officially started filming, but we do not know much about the project.

According to the original, Mysterio, whose real name is Quentin Beck, is a former stuntman in Hollywood and a master of hallucinations. And he has become a super villain, using his deep knowledge of special effects to become a formidable criminal. However, he was arrested by Spider-Man, ruining every opportunity he had in a career, which led to a lifetime of hatred for Spider-Man.

In order to deal with a tough opponent like this, our spider guy will need a lot of help. Prior to that, Marvel president also announced that in this second movie appeared a superhero companion to Spider-Man in this difficult battle.

Which superhero will be featured in this film is still in secret. Let’s take a look at which characters are more likely to appear. Of course, we will exclude Iron Man and Doctor Strange – two characters that have been confirmed will not be in the movie.

1. Iron Warrior Iron Man’s James Rhodey

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As we all know, Spider-Man is Iron-Man’s beloved student, if Iron Man does not appear to help the little Spider-Man, then maybe he will send James Rhodey- a great fighting machine. Help comes along with you.

2. Ant-Man Ant

Season 2 of the Spider-Man movie will happen after the events of the Avengers 4 so the heroes who will be featured in this final battle will be accompanied by Spider-Man in the next mission.

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In order to deal with a special rival like Mysterio, Ant-Man would be a great choice. With his magnified ability he is able to deal with dark magic sorcery magic.

3. Mr. Marvel

There was a lot of news before that Marvel took Mr.Marvel’s character to the big screen. Her name is Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager. She is a physically fit inhuman, similar to Mr. Fantastic’s ability in the Fantastic Four.

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She has many similarities with Spider-Man, she is also a high school student living under the status of a superhero. Ms. Marvel as a copy of Spider-Man, these two characters if they are together in the fight in this part 2 is not a bad idea.

4. Falcon

Falcon is a popular superhero, always with Captain America in the fight. There are rumors that after the Avengers 4 the US captain will sacrifice, so the Falcon will have to find a new companion.

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Because his character is quite fuzzy, always considered to be Captain’s shadow so the possibility of not having a movie for him. The best option for this character is to find another companion with him in combat. Spider-Man would be a bad choice.

5. Spider – Woman

Sony has also planned on releasing their own movie, so the chance for Spider-Woman to make an appearance before the release of their second single, Far From Home, is a decent choice.

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She is also a victim of being bitten by spiders like Spider-Man, whose intelligence is no less than Peter. In the manga, these two characters had many opportunities to meet and fight together. No reason this is not put on the screen.

6. Daredevil

Daredevil is a famous superhero in Marvel Netflix, but has not had the chance to be on the big screen.

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He is blind but has combat skills, quick senses can deal with the most difficult opponents. Not only that, in the history of comics, his character also has a feud with the witch Mysterio.

In Spider-Man: Far From Home he will have the opportunity to meet Spider-Man and fight together against this magical witch.

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