Venom – The most adorable villains on the planet

Venom’s first major screen debut was officially released on Tuesday, Oct. 4, before the movie was officially released in theaters nationwide. To say the least, Venom is certainly the humorous and lovable villain that Touch Cinema met.

Venom has received mixed reviews from critics and world audiences. The movie reached 7.1 / 10 on IMDb but only 30% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. However, with the individual Touch Cinema, this is an interesting movie interesting, can make many Marvel fans especially Spide-man feel “uncomfortable not lightweight.”

Simple content, humorous difficult to support

The film was previously featured as Eddie Brock, a reporter infected with the Symbiote parasite, is trying to investigate the organization’s dark conspiracy. Since then he has become a dangerous Venom for humanity. If you know this information before then leave it out, because the story is not entirely different but the point with what is introduced is not much.


Eddie Brock is the dream guy of many girls who have a handsome appearance, stable job and beautiful girlfriend, successful career. But after a “peeling” failed, Eddie had to pay a price too expensive: fired, girlfriend split, lost apartment.

After a long period of unemployment, Eddie suddenly received an invitation to investigate the illegal business of giant corporations – which also causes his career to dissipate. During the investigation, Eddie was infected by Symbiote not accidentally but because he refused to listen to the previous instructions and then the “ex-reporter” was extremely scared and regretted his actions. . But after learning how to live with the Symbiote parasite, Eddie found out that he could live with a friend who had a strange shape that existed inside him and that both of them started a life. , as well as start his fight.

Venom is introduced as one of the most dangerous villains of the Mavel, but Venom is introduced in this film is very fun, humorous. Audiences will have a lot to laugh about, laughing with the dialogue of Venom with Eddie as well as the way Venom teases Eddie while living in the same body. In addition to this, Venom is not the enemy of superheroes, but has become a hero to protect the earth. This can make many Marvel fans feel uncomfortable because Venom is not bloodthirsty as in the story and the previous appearance.

The first half of the film is slow to make viewers feel slightly drowsy, but the later the more aggravating circumstances are pushed up high with rapid rhythm and acceleration. As a result, the audience is treated to lightning-fast action and extreme action. The ending of the movie is quite simple, but the after credit has somewhat elicited the curiosity of the audience with the sequel of the movie.

Actors and Actresses

Tom Hardy is sure to get a lot of praise for what he has shown in Venom. The role of Eddie and Venom at the same time embodies two different psychological states, often involved in a quarrel with each other, requiring actors to have acting skills alone and Tom Hardy has done it. His character brings to the moment a successful man. At the time of being unemployed, sometimes cowardly … all were conveyed by Tom Hardy from the character’s emotions, even the smallest changes in facial expressions. This is one of the successful roles of actor Tom Hardy in the movie career ever.


In addition, the supporting cast also performed quite well in their roles, each character has its own impressive hit points. Although superficial cast is not beautiful acting free.

Audio, images and effects

Venom will make the audience overwhelmed with the image is handled meticulously and meticulously to every detail. The smallest movements of the parasite are extremely elaborate, making the viewer feel a bit horrified to look at it. The only weakness in the visuals is that there are a lot of Venom fighting scenes with police chases, or parasites fighting so fast that many viewers will not be able to enjoy the intricacies. Action in the movie.


The sound of the movie impresses the audience from the first few seconds when the firefighters crash into the edge of the forest. Later the sound gradually diminished, the sound though large but not sharp enough to make the level of the movie greatly reduced.

Venom is a fun and entertaining movie, so do not miss this movie.

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