XXXL – Easy to see, easy to laugh and easy to forget!

I laughed the audience from the beginning, using the spy theme, the team mismanagement team can not believe it. If you look like that, you will think of the Johnny English series of Mr.. Bean, Rowan Atkinson, charming and funny face. However, the Chinese have a pair of spies of their own, they know how to save the world, laughable, and weight is double Johnny English. They are the couple of XXXL (Fat Buddies)


Set in Japan, the humorous story of the two little agents when Hac Anh Tuan, a chubby guy, greedy and clumsy accidentally meet Brother J (Literature) , a fat guy who was no less than himself, claiming to be a paramedic but swamping drugs from the hospital where Hao was working. With his kind nature, Hao decides to help his Chinese compatriots along the path of extirpation. How do both of them perform when their physical strength is limited but their weight is excess?

As a comedy based on the subject of spies, XXXL did not focus too much on the script with knots, dramatic or tension scenes, instead of a simple content of the meaning. are joking, pushing fast and make the most of the funny moments during the journey of the fat guy. E-crews know the location of the movie and they make the film in the spirit of making the audience abdominal pain and tired mouth. Throughout the 100 minutes of the film, it’s rare for laughter to be interrupted by charming comedic performances, sometimes exaggerated, but ultimately entertaining.


A lot of humor is used to get the audience laughing. From the philosophical tricks, the classic chatter that Stephen Chow’s works do so well to the humor scenes caused by the clever handling of Kingsman: The Secret Service, the house Production has selected the valuable details in the works familiar to the audience in this topic to integrate into the XXXL. Audiences watching movies can relate to the works they have seen and create some excitement, but excessive abuse leads to the question: Where is the feature of the work? Is it the introduction of the beautifully crafted, beautiful, quality of Korean cinema into a model of Johnny English, a popular comedy based on the charm of Rowan Atkinson? .


The team is also creative and employs a variety of angles, ranging from slow-motion in the action sequences to the bold turn of karaoke video lyrical when the appearance of beautiful balloons. All of them bring a sense of entertainment and humor to the audience. However, the technique of the film is quite colorful and colorful, many of the use and integration is not the same as TVB’s 90’s films. The costumes of the two main actors are also quite shabby and rough, but this is the point of accidentally creating their charms, because looking at the frame alone enough to be funny.

Taking on almost the entire length of the film, the film’s heavy-handed main character makes a good comedic role, their interaction is quite similar to that of Johnny English and Bough’s assistant. In the first time, as a director, he has shown his full character. In addition, the sub-characters play a pretty good role as their background with the diversity in character incarnation, especially female. The pink ball in the movie role is not large but every time they appear they bring the interest to the viewer. In particular, it must mention Clara Lee when the beauty of two Korean blood and this Swiss has an incarnation into the rough coat as the wife of He Anh Tuan.


It can be said that the XXXL is a movie not so prominent and memorable as the whole story mainly focuses on teasing the audience and based on the highlights of the Hollywood movies with the same theme. financing. However, the laughter created by the work is still pretty and deserves a movie worth watching if you need a break after a hard day’s work. Easy to see, easy to laugh and easy to forget!

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